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Protection of the privacy of the cloud Data through Multiple clouds


The main goal of the “Protection of the privacy of the cloud data through multiple clouds” is to identify and understand the risks associated with the cloud data and propose a distributed architecture to eliminate the risks. In particular, in current cloud architecture a client entrusts a single cloud provider with his data. It gives the provider and outside attackers having unauthorized access to cloud, an opportunity of analyzing client data over a long period to extract sensitive information that causes privacy violation of clients. Hence to overcome this we propose a distributed architecture. The distributed approach to the cloud eliminates the disadvantage of storing all data of a client to the same provider. In this approach the data sent by the client is split into different number of chunks and is distributed among multiple cloud providers. Our system consists of two major components: Cloud data distributor and Cloud providers. The Cloud Data Distributor receives the data in the form of files from many clients, splits each of the files into much number of chunks and distributes these chunks among appropriate cloud providers. Another major component which is Cloud Providers, store these chunks and responds to the chunk requests by providing the chunks.


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