#Ijsrd : Influence of Metal Temperature on Strength of Rolled Steel Product

#Ijsrd :

Influence of Metal Temperature on Strength of Rolled Steel Product

Abstract—Rolling is extensively used metal forming process. Almost 90% of cast iron or steel products pass through rolling process at least once in its life cycle. Rolling products are most extensively used in daily life. Use of these products can be seen in bridges, towers, leaf springs, boilers, constructional structural parts and also in daily life products like knives pipes etc. In today’s era, quality of products is one of most important factor considered for its use. Quality of a product can either be controlled or improved by changing in composition or by using heat treatment processes.  In rolling products composition is not only the factor which improve the quality of product but temperature plays a vital role in maintaining and improving quality. By changing temperature of rolling we can change grain structure and its mechanical properties without changing its composition.


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